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1. T-M Major, Legends-Murphy and Tomasino teams will be limited to a total of 25 players for the season. Once the league roster sheet is filled, a team may not add another player even if players have left the team.

Note: The league may waive this rule if a team is in danger of not completing its season.

Note: Players returning from active duty in the Armed Forces after the season has begun will not be counted on the 25-man roster.

2. Initial rosters for the T-M Major, Legends Sports Murphy A.M., and Pete Tomasino leagues must include at least 15 players and must be submitted by March 31. A team's signed roster is due to the NABF Coordinator Christopher Rotondo, 21 Raymond Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314 no later than June 1After March 31 and before June 1, a player may be added to a team’s roster by the manager completing the Roster Addition Form found on the league website and emailing it to  . Thereafter, a player may be added to the roster by his printing out, completing and signing the Roster Addition Form and the manager's submitting it to the league address prior to the player's participation.

3. A player may play for only one team on Sundays/Weeknights. If a player plays for more than one team without the approval of either the president or vice-president of the Staten Island Baseball Alliance, said player will be fined and suspended indefinitely. Teams using said player will be fined $50 and subject to game sanctions up to and including forfeiture.

4. A player may leave one team to play for another until June 15. However, a player can join only those teams with poorer records and/or lower positions in the standings than his own team regardless of league/division. In addition, the player must obtain a written release from the manager of his former team and may not participate in a game with his new team until he has done so. A manager may not refuse to release a player provided the player has returned his uniform and/or satisfied any financial obligations. Penalty for participating in a game with a new team before being released: The player will be suspended for two games for each game he plays with his new team and his new team will be fined $50 per game.

Note: The rule concerning return of uniforms and satisfying any financial obligations applies to players switching teams both during and between seasons. Penalty: Suspension for one game after the uniform is returned and financial obligations satisfied, and/or suspension for two games for every game played before the obligations were satisfied.

5. Playoff eligibility. To be eligible for postseason championship playoffs, a player must have appeared in at least 25 percent (minimum of 4 games) of his team’s regular-season games. Exceptions: A player who was injured; a player who was not on Staten Island during the season because of service or job commitments; a pitcher on a team that used one or two primary pitchers. In any of these instances, a team must submit, prior to the playoffs starting, to the league office a request in writing for the league to waive the "25 percent" rule.

Note: Playing in a league other than the SIBA leagues is not grounds for a waiver.

6. A returning team may not add more than four players who were on the rosters of other teams from the previous season, and no more than two players from any one team.

Note: If a team wants to exceed this limit, it must receive SIBA approval prior to adding these players. For new teams, the limits are seven players on the rosters of other teams from the previous season and no more than two players from the same team. A player who did not participate with a team for more than half the previous season will not be considered to have been a member of that team. Players from defunct teams are not affected by this rule, but may be barred if they did not fulfill their obligations to the defunct team.

7. Team fines must be paid within one week of assessment. Any delinquency will incur further sanctions up to and including the team's season being over. A player who has been fined is not eligible to play until he has paid his fine.

8. Bats: A reminder that although we are wood-bat leagues, we banned maple bats in 2009 because there had been too many instances of portions of broken maple bats flying out onto the field. Bamboo bats are still not permitted. Three makes of composite bats are currently approved by Major League Baseball for the short-season A and rookie leagues, and therefore, are approved for use in our leagues: Baum, Hoosier (3 piece) and DeMarini models D 110, D 243 and D 271. While DeMarini composites are part maple, they have been found to have the same "bat life" as the Baum, and more importantly, if and when they break, they do not put pitchers or corner infielders in jeopardy.

9. Fines. All fines are to be paid to the SIBA Treasurer Dennis Modafferi, 123 Kelvin Ave., Staten Island, NY 10306 by check made payable to Project Hospitality.


1. Games are postponed by the league at 718-273-9271 or on the Staten Island Baseball Alliance website (, or at the field by the umpires. When there are thunder showers in Tottenville or Brooklyn, the sun may be shining at Clove Lakes Park. If the first game of a doubleheader is postponed, this does NOT mean the second game is automatically postponed.

2. The home team is responsible for supplying bases and home plate.

3. Each team must have six new baseballs available. Approved balls include (note numbers) the Wilson A1010 Pro, Diamond D1-Pro DS, AD Starr 600 (Pro Series) and Champro DML-100. Any other ball must be approved by the league. Each team will provide the plate umpire with two new (rubbed) baseballs at the beginning of the game. Thereafter, baseballs will be provided on an alternating basis as deemed necessary by the plate umpire.

4. Lineup Cards must be presented to the plate umpire when ground rules are reviewed BEFORE the game. Lineup cards must include First & Last Names, Position and Uniform number of the starting team and all substitutes (First & Last Names) eligible for the game.

5. Umpires' fees are $75 for the plate and $75 for the bases. The home team pays the plate umpire and the visiting team pays the base umpire when ground rules are reviewed BEFORE the game. If only one umpire is available, the fee is $115 with the home team paying $60 and the visiting team paying $55. Note: There are no refunds once a game has begun.


1. The league will use American League rules with any exceptions noted hereafter.

2. Players in the T-M Major League, Legends Sports-Murphy A.M. League and Pete Tomasino League are to be uniformed (team hat, team shirt, team pants). Only in an emergency, e.g. threat of a forfeit, may a player wear a uniform different from his team uniform and said team is fined $25 payable within 7 days.

Note: A team may not use a player who is not properly uniformed if it has nine properly uniformed players. The president and vice-president of the SIBA must approve any exceptions.

3. Teams are allowed to use an EH (extra hitter) in their lineups. The EH, however, is limited to batting. The EH is not permitted to move to a position in the field.

4. Teams are allowed to DH (designated hitter) for the pitcher only. Note: A pitcher who is in the batting order is to be considered the designated hitter. He may remain in the game as the DH even if he is replaced as the pitcher; however, if he replaces a player in the field, then the pitcher must hit in the position of the fielder who is replaced. Conversely, a pitcher who is also the DH may remain in the game as the pitcher if he is replaced as the DH.

5. Re-Entry. Any starter may leave the game via substitution and re-enter the game once. He must re-enter in the same place in the batting order that he previously occupied. Note: A pitcher who is removed from the game may re-enter only as the DH.

6. In the event a player is injured and unable to continue play after a team has substituted all its players, the last player removed from the game may re-enter the game in the injured player's position in the batting order.

Note: Any EH player removed from the game may not re-enter for an injured player.

7. A manager or coach is limited to two trips to the mound in a single inning or three for the game per pitcher. Whenever either occurs, the pitcher must be removed from the position and may not return to the mound during that game.

8. Time outs for offensive conferences are not permitted.

9. An intentional walk may be given simply by notifying the plate umpire who, in turn, will advise the hitter and the opposing team.

10. Players are required to wear helmets BOTH at the plate and on the bases. Cracked, broken and no ear helmets are not permitted while at bat and on the base paths. The catcher is also required to wear a helmet.

11. Postponed games will be replayed as they affect the standings. Sunday/Weekday league teams should be prepared to play doubleheaders and weekday games in the weeks following completion of the original schedule.

12. In the event of lightning, umpires are instructed to clear the field and tell coaches to get their players to safety, preferably in their cars. The umpires will observe a 30-minute wait rule (30 minutes from the last bolt of lightning) before resuming the game.

13. Forfeits. Forfeit time for all Sunday/Weekday leagues is the game’s scheduled starting time. Forfeiting team is responsible for paying BOTH umpires. A team which does not pay both umpires at the time of forfeit has 48 hours to submit whatever balance is due to the league address. Any team which forfeits twice in a season will be dropped from the league and will not be allowed to return the following season.

Note: If a team is dropped from the league, players from that team will NOT be permitted to play for another team during that season or the next season. Reinstatement requests must be submitted in writing to the league office.

2nd Note: Clarification of a Forfeit & Umpire Fees:
In the event a team can not field a team for a scheduled game and notifies the league office (president or vice-president) 24 hours or less prior to the scheduled game time, the team forfeits the game and both umpires are to be paid full ($75) game fees.
In the event a team can not field a team for a scheduled game and notifies the league office (president or vice-president) more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled game time, the game is postponed and both umpires are to be paid half ($40) game fees.
In the event a team can not field a team for a scheduled game and notifies the league office (president or vice-president) 48 hours or more prior to the scheduled game time, the game is postponed and no umpires game fees are due.

14. As a rule, there is no such thing as a suspended game. A game which ends in a tie will be replayed if it affects the standings.

15. Mercy Rule. The T-M Major, Legends Sports/Murphy A.M., and Pete Tomasino leagues have a mercy rule. When the home team leads by 10 or more runs after 4 1/2 innings, the game terminates. If the visiting team leads by 10 or more runs after 5 innings, the game terminates. When the 10-run rule applies after the fifth inning, both teams must have an equal number of at-bats, except if the home team is ahead.

16. Time limits. All T-M Major, Legends Sports-Murphy A.M. and Pete Tomasino league games will be governed by a time limit. Except in the event of a tie, no inning of a 9 a.m. game may begin after 11:30, and no inning of an 11 a.m. game may begin after the game has been in progress for two hours and 30 minutes. For example, if an 11 a.m. game begins at 11:35, no inning may begin after 2:05.

Note: If a game starts late for any reason other than weather-related conditions or the delayed conclusion of the previous game, the "2:30 rule" still will be in effect from the scheduled starting time. If weather/field conditions delay the start of a game, the time limit will be adjusted accordingly. However, in no case, may a 9 a.m. game begin later than 10 a.m.

Time limit exception: If a game is tied when the time limit has been reached, it may continue for a MAXIMUM of two innings. If the teams are still tied, the game will be halted at the end of the inning and, if necessary, replayed in its entirety.

Note: For the Weekday games, the above referenced Rule 16 will apply regarding the “2.30 rule” and time limit exception.

17. Ejection. A player who is ejected from a game is automatically suspended for a MINIMUM of one week from T-M Major, Legends-Sports Murphy A.M. and Pete Tomasino league play beginning the Sunday following his ejection and is liable for a $25 fine which must be paid before he is eligible to play. A player who is ejected for a second time during the season is automatically suspended for two weeks and is liable for a $50 fine which must be paid before he is eligible to play. A player who is ejected a third time during the season is suspended for the remainder of the season or, if the ejection occurs after August 1, for a minimum of four weeks in the following season. He is also liable for a $150 fine which must be paid before he is eligible to play.

Note: All fines are to be paid by check or money order made payable to Project Hospitality and received by SIBA Treasurer Dennis Modafferi, 123 Kelvin Ave., Staten Island, NY 10306 by the Friday before the player is due to become eligible to play. Failure to do so will result in an extension of the suspension.
An ejected player is not permitted to remain in or after the game, return to the vicinity of the field; neither is he permitted on his team's bench during the period of suspension. (Vicinity means within 200 feet of the playing field.)

Note: Any player who threatens an umpire and/or attempts to assault an umpire will be automatically suspended from the league for a MINIMUM of one year from the date of the incident. The league also reserves the right to provide legal assistance to the offended umpire in criminal or civil proceedings.


The winning team is responsible for reporting results and highlights for both teams to the Staten Island Advance immediately after the game. This must be done by using the website ( and clicking on the tab "Submit Results". This will allow a team to fill out a game report which is to include highlights for BOTH teams. At the end, click on the "Submit" button which will send emails with the results to  ,  and   .
On Sundays, game results and highlights, must be submitted before 5 pm. On weekdays, game results and highlights must be submitted before 10 pm. with the exception of the 7:30 game which must be submitted by 11 pm.

Note: Failure to report completely the results of a game for BOTH teams and failure to submit the game results in a timely manner will result in a $50 fine.