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                                                          Staten Island Baseball Alliance

2016 Individual Entry Form


Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Zip Code: _________ Cell Phone: ___________________ Home: _______________________

Work: _____________________ Email: ____________________________________________


Please tell us about yourself by answering the following questions:


 1. What is your Date of Birth? ______________________


 2. What is your best position? ______________________


 3. What other positions have you played in organized baseball? 



 4. What is the highest level of organized baseball that you participated in?



 5. When is the last time you played organized baseball and where?



 6. Batting:    Left-handed _____     Right-handed _____     Switch-hitter _____  (Check One)


 7. Throwing:     Left-handed _____     Right-handed _____  (Check One)


 8. Do you know anyone that plays in one of the leagues of the SIBA? If so, please list:




Please copy and paste this form and your responses in an email to

with the subject line: Individual Entry Form for the 2016 Season.